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javazoom::jl::decoder::LayerIIIDecoder Class Reference

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class  gr_info_s
class  III_side_info_t
class  SBI
class  Sftable
class  temporaire
class  temporaire2

Public Member Functions

void decode ()
void decodeFrame ()
void inv_mdct (float[] in, float[] out, int block_type)
 LayerIIIDecoder (Bitstream stream0, Header header0, SynthesisFilter filtera, SynthesisFilter filterb, Obuffer buffer0, int which_ch0)
void seek_notify ()

Public Attributes

int[] scalefac_buffer
Sftable sftable

Static Public Attributes

static final float io [][]
static final int nr_of_sfb_block [][][]
static final int pretab []
static final float t_43 [] = create_t_43()
static final float TAN12 []
static final float two_to_negative_half_pow []
static final float win [][]

Static Package Functions

static int[] reorder (int scalefac_band[])

Package Attributes

SynthesisFilter filter2
int[] is_pos = new int[576]
float[] is_ratio = new float[576]
float[] rawout = new float[36]
float[] tsOutCopy = new float[18]
int[] v = {0}
int[] w = {0}
int[] x = {0}
int[] y = {0}

Private Member Functions

void antialias (int ch, int gr)
void dequantize_sample (float xr[][], int ch, int gr)
void do_downmix ()
void get_LSF_scale_data (int ch, int gr)
void get_LSF_scale_factors (int ch, int gr)
void get_scale_factors (int ch, int gr)
boolean get_side_info ()
void huffman_decode (int ch, int gr)
void hybrid (int ch, int gr)
void i_stereo_k_values (int is_pos, int io_type, int i)
void reorder (float xr[][], int ch, int gr)
void stereo (int gr)

Static Private Member Functions

static float[] create_t_43 ()

Private Attributes

BitReserve br
Obuffer buffer
int channels
int CheckSumHuff = 0
int counter = 0
SynthesisFilter filter1
int first_channel
int frame_start
Header header
temporaire2[] III_scalefac_t
int[] is_1d
float[][] k
int last_channel
float[][][] lr
int max_gr
final int[] new_slen = new int[4]
int[] nonzero
float[] out_1d
int part2_start
float[][] prevblck
float[][][] ro
float[] samples1 = new float[32]
float[] samples2 = new float[32]
temporaire2[] scalefac
SBI[] sfBandIndex
int sfreq
III_side_info_t si
Bitstream stream
int which_channels

Static Private Attributes

static final float ca []
static final float cs []
static int reorder_table [][]
static final int SBLIMIT = 32
static final int slen [][]
static final int SSLIMIT = 18

Detailed Description

Class Implementing Layer 3 Decoder.


Definition at line 40 of file LayerIIIDecoder.java.

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