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byte [] pgbennett::id3::ID3v2Frames::getBytes (  ) [inline]

Return an array bytes containing all frames contained in this object. This can be used to easily write the frames to a file. Empty frames are dropped to save space.

an array of bytes contain all frames contained in this object

Definition at line 507 of file ID3v2Frames.java.

References pgbennett::id3::ID3v2Frame::getFrameBytes(), pgbennett::id3::ID3v2Frame::getFrameLength(), getLength(), and pgbennett::id3::ID3v2Frame::isEmpty().

Referenced by pgbennett::id3::ID3v2Tag::getBytes().

    byte b[] = new byte[getLength()];
    int bytesCopied = 0;

    Iterator it = this.values().iterator();
    while (it.hasNext()) {
      ID3v2Frame frame = (ID3v2Frame) it.next();

      if (!frame.isEmpty()) {
        System.arraycopy(frame.getFrameBytes(), 0, b, bytesCopied,
        bytesCopied += frame.getFrameLength();

    return b;

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