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int pgbennett::id3::ID3v2Frames::getLength (  ) [inline]

Returns the length in bytes of all the frames contained in this object. Empty frames are dropped from this calculation.

the length of all the frames contained in this object.

Definition at line 485 of file ID3v2Frames.java.

References pgbennett::id3::ID3v2Frame::getFrameLength(), and pgbennett::id3::ID3v2Frame::isEmpty().

Referenced by pgbennett::id3::ID3v2Tag::getBytes(), getBytes(), and pgbennett::id3::ID3v2Tag::getSize().

    int length = 0;

    Iterator it = this.values().iterator();
    while (it.hasNext()) {
      ID3v2Frame frame = (ID3v2Frame) it.next();

      if (!frame.isEmpty()) {
        length += frame.getFrameLength();

    return length;

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