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pgbennett::jampal::AudioPlayer Class Reference

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class  Announce
class  ErrorMessage
class  LineDrain
class  NextSong
class  UpdateSlider

Public Member Functions

synchronized void run ()

Static Public Member Functions

static SourceDataLine getSourceDataLine (String strMixerName, AudioFormat audioFormat, int nBufferSize) throws Exception

Package Functions

 AudioPlayer (MainFrame mainFrame)
boolean gettitleVec (MP3File mp3, boolean playFirst) throws Exception
void next ()
void pause ()
void play ()
void prev ()
void stop ()
LibraryTrack validateSongFile (int row, boolean doFollow) throws Exception

Static Package Functions

static String formatTime (long seconds)

Package Attributes

Announce announce = null
String announcementLanguage
int bufferSecs = 1
int exceptionCount
StringBuffer fullAnnouncement = new StringBuffer()
SourceDataLine line
LineDrain lineDrain
Object lineSync = new Object()
MainFrame mainFrame
MP3InputStream mp3Stream
NextSong nextSong = new NextSong()
int nInternalBufferSize = AudioSystem.NOT_SPECIFIED
int nSampleSizeInBits = 16
long playedMicros = -1
long playedMicrosAtStart
long playedTime = 0
long playingTime
String playingTimeDisplay
AudioFileReader pluginAudioFileReader
boolean pluginTried
long prevSeconds
int selectedRow
Vector speechPatterns
Vector speechReplace
String speechTemplate
int startPosition
long startTime = 0
volatile char state
String strMixerName = null
Thread thread
Vector titleVec = new Vector()
UpdateSlider updateSlider = new UpdateSlider()
boolean useSameLine = false

Static Package Attributes

static final int[] albumSearchCols
static String engine
static int errorDialogCount
static int rate = 0
static SpeechInterface speaker
static Object syncSpeech = new Object()
static final int[] titleSearchCols
static String voice
static int volume = 100

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