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pgbennett::jampal::Library Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void clearLibrary () throws Exception

Public Attributes

LibraryAttributes attributes
Vector< LibraryTracktrackVec

Package Functions

boolean addEntry (LibraryTrack track, File file)
void addTrackToLib (LibraryTrack track, boolean isPaste) throws Exception
void closeLibrary () throws Exception
void copyDummyCols (LibraryTrack from, LibraryTrack to)
void copyTrack (LibraryTrack from, LibraryTrack to)
boolean deleteEntry (LibraryTrack track) throws Exception
boolean deleteTrack (LibraryTrack track) throws Exception
void deleteTrackEntry (LibraryTrack track) throws Exception
void endBulkUpdate () throws Exception
String getLibraryCharset () throws IOException
void insertEntry (LibraryTrack track) throws Exception
 Library (MainFrame mf) throws Exception
 Library (MainFrame mf, boolean newLibrary, String templateName, String newFileName) throws Exception
void loadLibrary () throws Exception
void moveEntry (LibraryTrack track) throws Exception
void openLibrary () throws Exception
int removeEntry (LibraryTrack track) throws Exception
String saveLibrary () throws Exception
void startBulkUpdate () throws Exception
boolean synchronizeTrack (LibraryTrack track, File file, char option)
void updateDirty () throws Exception
void updateErrorMessage (String message, String fileName)
void updateLibraryTrack (LibraryTrack track) throws Exception
boolean updateTrack (LibraryTrack track, File file)
boolean updateTrackAllViews (File file, MainFrame mainFrameExclude) throws Exception
boolean updateTrackFileName (LibraryTrack track, File file) throws Exception
String upgradeLibraryCharset () throws IOException

Package Attributes

boolean dirtyLibrary = false
int firstInserted = -1
int insertBefore = -1
File libraryFile
long libraryModifiedTime = 0
int librarySize
PrintStream libraryWriter
MainFrame mainFrame
LibraryTableModel model
int numberInserted = 0
boolean readOnly
int selectedRows [] = null
int selectReplaced
HashMap< String, LibraryTracktrackMap

Static Package Attributes

static Pattern drivePattern = Pattern.compile("^[a-zA-Z0-9]:\\\\")
static final String newline = System.getProperty("line.separator")
static Pattern pathPattern = Pattern.compile("\\\\")
static final String[] templateDesc
static final String[] templateNames

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file Library.java.

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