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pgbennett::jampal::LibraryTableModel Class Reference

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class  MyComparator

Public Member Functions

int getColumnCount ()
String getColumnName (int col)
int getRowCount ()
Object getValueAt (int row, int col)
boolean isCellEditable (int row, int col)
 LibraryTableModel (Library library)
void setValueAt (Object value, int row, int col)

Package Functions

void find (String find, boolean useSelectedCol, boolean regex, boolean findAll, boolean caseInsens)
String findTrackByValues (String[] searchValues, int[] colTypes, boolean exact, int precision)
String normalizeSortKey (String sortKey)
void refresh ()
void resetHeaderIcons ()
void resetSort (boolean mustFire)
void search (String search)
void selectAndScrollRowtoVisible (int ix, int col)
void setSortCol (int col)
void shuffle ()

Package Attributes

boolean colSortReverse []
int colSortSequences []
int displaySortCols []
boolean displaySortReverse []
Library library
boolean sortAlbumNormalize = false
ImageIcon sortAscIcon []
ImageIcon sortDescIcon []
boolean sortNumeric = false
LibraryTrack[] tracksSort

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file LibraryTableModel.java.

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