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pgbennett::jampal::TrackEditor Class Reference

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class  Frame

Public Member Functions

void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
void itemStateChanged (ItemEvent e)
void run ()

Static Public Attributes

static final String[] pictureTypes

Package Functions

void addFrame (MP3File mp3, String id, String heading, int colType, boolean forceOneLine) throws Exception
void createFrame ()
HashSet createTimeStampFrameList ()
void delImage (String cmd)
void enableFrameComponents (Frame frame, boolean stateSelected)
String getExtension (String s)
void helpMouseListener (JComponent help, final String id)
void loadImage (Frame frame, InputStream in, long xxx, String mimeType) throws Exception
void loadImage (String cmd)
void loadImage (Frame frame, File file) throws Exception
void loadImage (Frame frame, URL url) throws Exception
void pack ()
void refresh ()
boolean resizePicture (Frame frame) throws Exception
void resizePictures ()
void saveImage (String cmd)
void setSelection () throws Exception
void setTitle ()
void setupBottom ()
 TrackEditor (MainFrame mainFrame)
void updateTags ()

Package Attributes

LibraryAttributes attributes
HashMap checkboxFrames
GridBagConstraints constraints
JButton createFrameButton
JTextField delimTextField
JFrame dialog
String fileName = null
Font font
JComboBox frameIdCombo
Vector< Frameframes
FileListDialog helpWin = null
HashMap idFrames
boolean isDialogInitialized = false
boolean isDirty = false
HashMap langComboFrames
MainFrame mainFrame
boolean nestedChange = false
int numCboxChecked = 0
JPanel pushUp
JButton refreshButton
JPanel refreshPush
Dimension size = null
JCheckBox superTagCheckBox
Color textBG
JCheckBox titleCaseCheckBox
JButton updateButton
TrackUpdater updater
JPanel widgetsPanel

Static Package Attributes

static final int C_BN_CREATE_FRAME_WIDTH = 2
static final int C_BN_CREATE_FRAME_X = 5
static final int C_BN_DELETE_WIDTH = 1
static final int C_BN_DELETE_X = 2
static final int C_BN_LOAD_WIDTH = 1
static final int C_BN_LOAD_X = 0
static final int C_BN_REFRESH_WIDTH = 1
static final int C_BN_REFRESH_X = 5
static final int C_BN_SAVE_WIDTH = 1
static final int C_BN_SAVE_X = 1
static final int C_BN_UPDATE_WIDTH = 1
static final int C_BN_UPDATE_X = 6
static final int C_CB_FIXCASE_WIDTH = 1
static final int C_CB_FIXCASE_X = 4
static final int C_CB_SUPERTAG_WIDTH = 2
static final int C_CB_SUPERTAG_X = 0
static final int C_CHECKBOX_PIC_WIDTH = 2
static final int C_CHECKBOX_PIC_X = 0
static final int C_CHECKBOX_WIDTH = 3
static final int C_CHECKBOX_X = 0
static final int C_DESCRIPTION_WIDTH = 3
static final int C_DESCRIPTION_X = 0
static final int C_FRAME_ID_WIDTH = 5
static final int C_FRAME_ID_X = 0
static final int C_LANG_WIDTH = 2
static final int C_LANG_X = 0
static final int C_LANGLABEL_WIDTH = 1
static final int C_LANGLABEL_X = 2
static final int C_MIME_WIDTH = 1
static final int C_MIME_X = 2
static final int C_PUSH_REFRESH_WIDTH = 1
static final int C_PUSH_REFRESH_X = 4
static final int C_PUSH_UP_WIDTH = 7
static final int C_PUSH_UP_X = 0
static final int C_QUESTION_WIDTH = 1
static final int C_QUESTION_X = 3
static final int C_TB_SUPERTAG_WIDTH = 1
static final int C_TB_SUPERTAG_X = 2
static final int C_VALUE_WIDTH = 3
static final int C_VALUE_X = 4
static final String[] timeStampFrameArray
static HashSet timeStampFrameIds

Detailed Description

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