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pgbennett::jampal::TrackUpdater Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void run ()

Package Functions

void deleteTracks () throws Exception
void finish ()
String[] getFileNames ()
 TrackUpdater (MainFrame mainFrame)
 TrackUpdater (TrackEditor editor)
void updateTags ()

Static Package Functions

static String[] parseFileName (File file, String delim)
static String titlecase (String value)

Package Attributes

TrackEditor editor
Vector errorMessages
int fileCount
boolean isSimpleUpdate
MainFrame mainFrame
ProgressBox progressBox
boolean runDeletes
int[] selectedRows
int updateCounter
JDialog updateDialog
JList updateList

Detailed Description

Gets an array of the selected file names. Note that there may be some null entries at the end of the array if some files were deleted from the library and blank lines show in the list. Runs in the AWT thread

Definition at line 41 of file TrackUpdater.java.

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